Superette, Lunch Cafe, Woodstock, 05.06.12

I personally enjoyed my first experience at Superette, however, my brother wasn’t TOO sold on the place. So I decided to have lunch with my Mom to see if I was just a wanna be hipster or if food can be enjoyed without worrying about being trendy. So on a rainy Tuesday we popped in for lunch. We chose a table and the waiter brought us water. Now I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but they always put magical flavours in the water at Superette!!! This time I swore it had paw paw in it. I’m not a big melon person so I could taste it and I actually really liked it!

I ordered the pork sandwich which I always enjoy. Accompanied by mustard and cabbage (I think!), it’s really delicious. My Mom had the vegetable sandwich with mushrooms (which I think had a touch of garlic or butter), tomato, peppers, watercress and cheese, really simple but delicious.

To end she also gave strict instructions on how she liked the coffee. The waitress had no attitude about making it the way she liked it and she even came back to ask if it was ok. This kind of friendly service and good food is all I need in my day. I don’t want to go out and act cool, I just want really good food that’s value for money.

Check out Superette for yourself if you like eating the way I do. Value and fresh flavours.

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