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Waka Berry Machines

After seeing LOADS of tweets about Waka Berry in Kloof Street I was very pleasantly surprised to see a new store pop up in Dean Street, Newlands. For once, getting stuck in the school traffic had an advantage 😉 I decided to pop by on the way home from work. There were numerous learners in there but no one to help me, however, this didn’t seem to put the learners off – they were all helping themselves! This left me even more confused – am I getting THAT old that I don’t know that people can just help themselves these days?! I’m not even old! *sniff sniff* 😉

Eventually a server came from the storage room to explain how it worked. How has the fact that Waka Berry is a self service center been omited on the oh mighty Twitville?! Or is this only in Newlands? None the less he explained nicely how it worked and I was excited to give it a bash. How many times have you judged those who serve ice cream with a ‘Ah I coulda made that cone more even/higher/fatter/prettier’ as we’ve watched our ice cream being served over the years? Well I have and I can now officially tell you – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Waka Berry Toppings

Waka Berry Toppings

I took the cherry flavour and vanilla flavour and helped myself to toppings, of which there are probably about two dozen! I had the caramel popcorn, fudge and chocolate chips. The service consultant weigh my tub, about half a tub was R40. I thought that was quite a lot for a frozen yoghurt but, on second thought, considering it was for 2 people and included toppings it seemed fair enough.

I drove home and really enjoyed half of it and…hated the other half! The cherry flavour was NOT to my liking at all. It was incredibly tart which I had no anticipated. The other flavours that day included bubble gum, cream soda and passion fruit (which would probably have been best) – so I figured vanilla and cherry were the best flavours. Anyway, disliking the cherry is my personal taste.

I’m still keen to pop by again and give it another whirl. The students were loving it, it’s a fun concept so I will try it again sometime. But maybe just the vanilla next time 😉

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