Loving this We Like Bass Video!

We Like Bass was one of my favourite summer parties earlier this year. Hosted on the roof of the Penthouse Backpackers in Long/Loop street it soon because the best underground party of the summer, so much so that I even took my folks there! (Think Co.Lab / 1st Edition of Cold Turkey party style.) I’m DEFINITELY heading back there this summer if the party moves back outside! But in the mean time, to celebrate their 1 year Birthday, We Like Bass teamed up with the radio show: The Dank!sh to party!

It must have been an epic event because the cops shut it down! Boo to them! Even though it wasn’t the We Like Bass / Dankish’s fault, they still wrote a sorry note on their FB event. What nice guys! Support local promoters with the right attitude especially when wicked videos like this emerge:


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