Sunday Evening Blues at Col’Cacchio Camps Bay

Family favourite Col’Cacchio kindly invited us for a Sunday evening meal. We thought a sunset pizza would be lovely BUT, after months of no rain, ironically it was overcast the day we visited! I’m not super familiar with the Col’Cacchios brand, but you guys LOVE it, so I asked what your favourites were and headed out for a different dinner in Camps Bay.


Col’Cacchio Camps Bay

They have a new summer menu, however, because the Camps Bay store is smaller than most, they did not have the large Ala Carte menu – the menu that was recommended to me most! I did, however, tuck into some of their freezos, enjoying a coffee one! Mr John had a Barone milkshake. We paired this with a flatbread to start.

As the sunset we listened to the conversations around us, watching the sun slowly sink into the sea. The service on the evening was really good, so we just enjoyed being somewhere different.

What’s For Dinner?

I love pizza and pasta so I had their Ragu Di Manzo (R135), which is a slow cooked, pulled beef short rib in red wine sauce and “Italian parmesan” (I think they mean it’s an imported cheese). The sauce was absolutely divine and I had the rest for work the next day! Sadly, the gnocchi had been overworked and were dense instead of light and fluffy. Nonetheless, that sauce can save a nation so I still enjoyed it.

We also ordered 2 pizzas, a bacon for Mr John and I had a children’s Hawaiian pizza, which was delicious. I ordered the gnocchi for my main, but ended up having the pizza instead just because it was so tasty!

Overall, the Camps Bay store is in a really convenient location, you can park up the side streets and wander down, which we really enjoyed. It was fun being in Camps Bay on a Sunday evening while dozens of tourists passed by and Caprice picked up.




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