Wow! Rodriguez is Playing in Cape Town!

As a kid I heard so many stories about Rodriguez, from he blew his brains out on stage to he went missing and was living in South Africa, but the strangest one of all being that his music wasn’t world famous. But it’s playing in South Africa and we’re the last to get most things, especially during Apartheid, so what do you MEAN he’s not world famous? EVERY ONE knows his songs!

Seems this clandestine artist managed to find popularity in a pretty unconventional way, that is, the third world loved him but the first world had never heard of him! Of course his popularity stayed fast with Just Jinger’s cover of Sugar Man way back in the nineties and with the release of the recent documentary Searching For Sugarman it seems the love for his music is as alive and as well as ever.

And now he’s playing in Cape Town – no not dead, I know! This is one mysterious dude. “And I wonder…” why he’s like that? Now we can find out by seeing him at the Grand Arena on February 20th 2013. Tickets are available from R310 – R520 from Computicket.

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