VIDEO: Zomboy Audience FAIL

Thanks to the asshole who ruined RubaDub last night by acting like a complete douche bag. I don’t usually swear on my blog because it think it’s bad taste in print but I’m disgusted by this person’s actions. It’s completely unacceptable to throw ANYTHING at performers. You bought a ticket for a show. You don’t like the show? Piss off. Don’t take your personal opinion out on the performer. You look like a complete jerk and there’s nothing you can say that will make anyone change their minds about you. I hope your friends sell you out so you can learn how to behave in public.

Thanks to Zomboy for being professional enough to carry on. On behalf of the population of Cape Town who actually know how to behave, no matter how drunk we are, we apologise. We really are one of the best cities in the world and I’m sorry that such jack ass had to let you, and more so US, down. Welcome to South Africa, there’s always one jack ass ruining it for the rest of us. Hope you liked the weather, food, nature and the people who did support you, enough to enjoy your time here.


  • DrunkSuck says:

    Did the entire party stop cause of this, or was he able to eventually play?

    • The party stopped for 15 minutes whilst he rescued his equipment then he started again. Not that he’d barely started before but this time he was able to continue! And he rocked it out, was a mash up set though not pure dubstep.

  • Hannes says:

    This is the kind of actions that make international acts come to our beautiful country only once. Like you said, there has always gotta be some jerk ruining it for the rest of us. Thank goodness it didn’t happen at the Jozi show.

  • m3zza9 says:

    How about a little thanks to the guy who ripped his T-shirt to dry off his gear… 😛 I was filming on stage, so I was hoping someone else actually got this as I had to ditch my cam to save his Control & Macbook from drowning… So sad this happened though. Sucks there is always a douche…

  • DrunksSuck says:

    So did he throw zomboy with a beer because he didnt like this music?

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