The Deli Woodstock, Woodstock, 08.11.11

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching the Deli Woodstock (which I’ve been calling the Woodstock Deli the whole time!) post their lunch time menus and have salivated on numerous occasions. I also know, though, that what some think is good food, in my opinion, is crap food. Therefore, I’m weary when I see restaurants self promoting but the only way to be sure is find out for myself – and that I did.

Thursday was a kicker of a day in Cape Town, super hot, no wind, gorgeous. I was driving to the city bowl when it dawned on me, Deli Woodstock is just around the corner. I went onto Twitter to check out the menu and decided to pull in. I was immediately impressed by the clean premises, fun artworks, welcoming exterior, cooling air-con in the interior and the friendly waitron who greeted us.

We took and seat, she offered us a drink and suggested we ordered at the counter. I chose the lamb burger which I had enquired about on via Twitter on numerous occasions and had been assured it was delicious many a time on Twitter. For R60, the lamb burger doesn’t come alone, one can choose up to 3 salads at the salad counter. There is also a board up with other sandwich specials if they daily offerings aren’t to your taste. I, however, was impressed with what I saw.

All the salads looked light and fresh so I decided to go out on a limb and try something different. I ordered the lentil, walnut, apple and celery salad which was perfect for a hot day out. I paired it with the roasted butternut, which had toasted qualities because it had crispy bits like sweet potato chips. My third choice was the grilled zucchini, feta, cherry tomato (which they had actually bothered to half which restaurants never do which is why I hate cherry tomatoes – no, I don’t like them popping in my mouth), feta and rocket pesto.

The lamb burger was perfectly cooked – medium. It was presented on a rye roll, a healthy change, with sweet chilli sauce, tomato and lettuce. I was mightly surprised when I bit into the burger and tasted cumin. It was really delicious although I would have liked it to be served with tzatziki or the like, as I wasn’t REALLY in the mood for cumin and sweet chilli sauce – but that’s just a personal preference, not a reflection of the quality of the food.

The meal was really delicious and perfect for hot day in Cape Town. Along with a sparkling water and orange juice the bill came to R100 – including tip. Congratulations to Woodstock Deli for delivering food that tastes as good at it looks and for offering fresh, local ingredients, cooked with passion at affordable prices. I will definitely be back – THANK YOU!

WHERE: Find the Deli Woodstock 2 blocks down the Searle Street exit – towards town.

P.S Park in the side streets.  I don’t have a sweet tooth but I really had to hold myself back from not ordering any of the baked goods. They seemed to have vanilla cream biscuits, chocolate cake with cocoa nut on top, marbled white and milk chocolate brownies, cream croissants, etc. SO GOOD! I’ll definitely be back for some of these bad boys in the near future!


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