MCQP 2012 Cape Town Stadium, 15.12.12

Last year’s MCQP 2012 was a great night out. I loved the fact that everyone dressed up and had high festival spirits. The “rave” was totally reminiscent of the 90’s, where everyone’s goal is to party all night in peace and mutual respect. ¬†This is exactly what happens at MCQP and 2012 was no exception.

This year’s theme was Fairy Tale. After going through a dozen costumes, I finally settled on a Disney character because I could throw it together in 20 minutes! No, I don’t take the prize for the most effort but I always pull it off just enough ūüėČ

MCQP (Mother City Queer Project) was held at Cape Town Stadium this year and apparently hosted 11 000 people. I can believe this as there was hundreds of people no matter which part of the festival I visited. Having said this, the infrastructure was more than enough. There were large bars on all dance floors, a VIP bar (with free booze apparently but I never saw any) Рthe free masseuse (nothing funny), VIP toilets, separate dance floor and bar were enough for me!

In total there were 5 dance floors all the way up the stadium which meant each floor had an awesome view. There were bars and food stalls outside the main stadium doors to feed those in the mood. The line up at MCQP was great this year with each dance floor offering a different genre. The party pumped all night long and it was a kill joy when they turned the lights on and chased everyone out!

My most favourite tweet about MCQP (unfortunately I don’t recall who wrote it) this year was commenting on everyone doing the walk of shame the next day. If you had a one night stand your costume let the WHOLE world know as you made your way home LOL! I’ll DEFINITELY attend MCQP in 2013 again and I’d encourage other straight people to do the same. Cape Town is the gay capital of Africa so get with the program y’all! I just hope it doesn’t increase the douche bag factor. Although the men might be gay, when they bash you as they walk past it feels the same as any guy LOL!

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