[EVENT] TEDxCapeTown 2015

Now that we’re recovered from the shock of returning to work after the long weekend, we can regroup and start looking forward again to our next adventure. And what a great week to do it as this weekend is TEDxCape Town 2015! The legendary speech brand is back in the Mother City for the 5th edition of TEDxCT and I’m thrilled to be joining them this weekend (as a blogger, not speaker ūüėČ ).

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If you have not heard of TEDx then you have literally been living under a rock (and I don’t mean Table Mountain). That’s like not knowing who Arya Stark, Jimmy Fallon or Walter White are. No. (If that’s true, then you better not stop reading this blog as you have some major pop culture catching up to do!). “TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxCapeTown, where x = independently organized TED event.” TED talks are TEDx’s older sister. “TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).”


We often hear politicians saying, “We need African solutions for African problems” and while that’s a massive oversimplification, there is truth to it. It’s good for locals to be inspired by international ideas, but to localise it and develop it within the South African context. That’s why TEDxCapeTown, where locals can come together to talk about ideas that apply to our cities and cultures, is hugely important.

TEDxCapeTown 2015 THEME

The balance between freedom and control is a constant tug of war, whether in our personal and professional, spiritual and practical lives or as individuals or as groups – we experience an ongoing tussle to find balance of boundaries. This year, TEDxCapeTown’s main event brings speakers and audience members together to explore the paradox “Open Access Control” in different contexts.


  • Date:¬†Saturday, 15¬†August
  • Time:¬†8:30m ‚Äď 5pm
  • Place:¬†Cape Town City Hall
  • Ticket Price:¬†R380

I recommend that you google ted talks or ted x or best of ted x speeches and find topics that sound interesting to you. Watch them and you will understand why this is such a great platform.


You will need to pre-register to get tickets for TedXCapeTown 2015.¬†If you can’t join on the day, why not join online? The TEDXCapeTown talks will be live streamed over the internet for you to watch wherever you are.


Time: 08:30 Р17h30

Session 1:¬†When I’m feeling adventurous

  • Kyle Louw:¬†Roses, Violets, Preconceptions … Poetry
  • Ian Mccallum:¬†Poetry and Nature: Voice For The Voiceless
  • Braam Malherbe:¬†#D.O.T. – Do One Thing
  • Heather Tuffin: Less than ideal
  • Surprise performance
Session 2: I simply imagine
  • Surprise¬†performance
  • Sizwe Mxobo: Why do we have to move out?
  • Marlene Wasserman: Cyber Infidelity
  • Myrna Lewis: Mining the gold of conflict
  • Marek¬†Dziembowski: Chasing the eclipse
Session 3: New Ideas
  • Surprise¬†performance 3
  • Jill Farrant: Food Security from resurrection plants
  • Adriana Marais: My one-way ticket to Mars
  • Surprise¬†performance 4
  • Kelsey Wiens:¬†Open: Designing for Trust
Session 4: & endless possibilities
  • Myrtle Clarke & Jules Stobbs:¬†Ordinary Criminals
  • Vinny Lingham: The future of bitcoin
  • Surprise¬†performance 5
*Schedule of line-up subject to change

Afterparty: 17h30 Р22:00

Click here for Sunday’s workshop schedule.

Join the TedXCapeTown 2015 Facebook event for further information.

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