[VIDEO] Adam F Live in South Africa at The Assembly, 14.12.12

IMG_2439 copyThis past weekend saw drum n bass legend Adam F live in South Africa, to be more precise, live in Cape Town at the Assembly. I doubt Niskerone could have asked for a better 30th birthday. It Came From The Jungle (Niskerone’s weekly dnb party) teamed up with The Assembly to host one of drum n bass’s biggest stars, Adam F, on the night leading into Niskerone’s 30th birthday. Pretty cool 30th I’d say 🙂

The line up included Blotchy, Rebel Clef, DJ Invisible, Hyphen, Niskerone and Adam F, whilst special guest DJ Fresh came to hang out with the crew as he is on holiday in Cape Town. It’s not every day you get two of the biggest dnb stars together on one stage in Cape Town, let alone receiving birthday shout outs from them.

The Assembly was pumping even though it was about 30 degrees inside the club. Cape Town’s really going to have to step up their airconditioning this summer because the sky ain’t messing about! None the less it was an epic party. Here’s the video from Friday night’s action:


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