Bye Bye Cavendish Cinema Nouveau

07.01.13 UPDATE:

Book your final movie tickets for Sunday, here’s the Facebook event.


Wow, I’m so sad to see this happening: Ster Kinekor will be closing it’s doors on their Nouveau cinema in Cavendish on January 17th, 2013. To be honest, I had no idea the cinema has so much heritage! But I guess it makes sense…I’ve been watching movies there for more than a decade myself.

What also sucks: I love Pick n Pay Claremont! What the hell? They’re moving into Cavendish now? I hate malls! What a mission. KC PnP sucks, Rondebosch is crazy and too small, now I’ll be forced to go to Cavendish twice a week? Booooo! Hopefully there’ll be two…(what are the chances? I’ll hold thumbs anyway.)

This is definitely a bit if a PR burp for Pick n Pay: killing art for food…nice one. I’m having rapid montages of films dying, fat kids, Playstations, kids not knowing what a paint brush is in 20 years, etc.

Maybe Pick n Pay will release a positive press release about it thanks to this lovely video created by timsmallmusic?: Let’s stay hopeful…

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