UPDATE: [VIDEO] LOVE this Chappies Campaign!

When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to chew bubblegum. My Mother thought it made people look tacky (I guess there is truth to that). My friend’s Mother had an old cookie tin FILLED with Chappies so only if we went to visit them would my Mother allow me to have a Chappie and it was only for a small amount of time (no chewing all day around here!). So Chappies have always had a fun, exciting touch to them in my world.

I heard that there was a Chappies relaunch but I unfortunately was not invited, BOOOOO hehe Luckily, I saw this video pop up on YouTube. I really love brand campaigns where consumers VOLUNTARILY and WANT to engage with a brand, not the other way around where consumers are bombarded with some transparent goal.

Chappies will be creating 6 interactive, street art pieces. Here’s the first one. I love it because it’s everything Chappies: little squares, different tastes (I like the purple one, hmmm Fanta Grape!) and the message inside, BEST! My only issue with the campaign is that they released the videos too soon. I wanted 1 a week for 6 weeks, not all in one go!


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