[New Music] Arkaik’s Trauma EP (Drum n Bass)


One of my favourite things about electronic music is that I can switch off all the life time stuff that’s on my back and just go with the music. It’s like a vacation for the brain! Big sound system, dark dancefloor, pure therapy.

With this in mind, I was happy when I discovered Arkaik last month. He does exactly what I love about electronic music – the unpredictable. As much as I love commercial music, the reason why I love electronic music is because I can’t always sing along, I don’t know what will happen after the drop and I can just close my eyes and go where the music takes me. STILL the best thing about being on a dancefloor with a phat bass.

Trauma EP artworkArkaik’s Trauma EP was released a few weeks ago and has LOADS of phat bass. Although music sounds shite on a computer, imagine it on a phat sound system – totally changes the game. So when you listen to the 1st song, Cutting Edge, think Homegrown sound system. INCREDIBLE!

The 2nd song is a Lost, a down tempo drum n bass song (although I’m always told dnb has the same tempo range but whatever, you get what I’m trying to say). I love the spacey effects followed by the dark characteristics. It’s almost like looking at the surface of water from underneath. I’m a total sucker for female vocals as well.

The 3rd song is Game Changer featuring MCXL. Another drum n bass track with grime style MCing over the top, a very popular trend at the moment. Serrated is the last song on the EP. It’s another minimalistic styled drum n bass track that contributes to this collective style. I can see these songs seeping out at sun rise/set at the out door parties!

I don’t know much about Arkaik except that he’s a young dude from the UK. Hopefully he’ll come out to South Africa some time so we can get better acquainted with his sound. Definitely someone we need to keep a close eye on.

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