[Pics] Royale, Long Street.

Cosa Nostra Royale Burger

Cosa Nostra Royale Burger

Royale is definitely my favourite burger joint in Cape Town. I find many other restaurants have “box” tasting burgers, yuk. Many offer quantity over quality, that’s not for me. So when my cousins came out from Australia I had to take them to Royale. Apart from their killer milkshakes the Royale burgers are my favourite.

One of the visitors wanted to order a pizza. Boy did I shoot them down fast! Doesn’t she know the ‘Don’t order steak in a fish restaurant, don’t order fish in a steak restaurant” rule? Pizza in a burger joint, come on. So I told her about Salma Hayak raving about them on the Conan O’Brian’s show and she quickly changed her mind.

3 Cheese & Mushroom Royale Burger

I ordered my favourite: Cosa Nostra. Roasted vegetables on a beef burger with cheese and a mix of chips. At Royale you can order wedges, fries, sweet potato fries or salad. How does one choose? You don’t have to choose! Royale allows you to have a sample of each.

My cousins ordered the 3 cheese and mushroom burger (can’t remember what it’s called). Of course the food was divine and dirt cheap compared to Aussie prices (apparently). They did comment that the 3 cheeses weren’t very cheesy, it was more of a mushroom burger, some constructive criticism for the kitchen.

Chocolate Brownies at Royale

My burger was 100% perfect, tasty, divine! I could have one right now. The reasons why I like them:

  • They veg are al dente (cooked with a slight crunch).
  • Burgers are toasted on the inside so they don’t get soggy and fall apart.
  • The bun tops are shiny – butter as assume?
  • Burgers are perfectly medium = juicy but cooked.
  • Selection of 4 sides.
  • The burgers have a skewer in them that’s tall enough to avoid accidentally eating. PLUS you can cut the burger in perfect slices so it looks like TV food which personally how I like to eat my food.
  • Condiments include sour cream which is random but SO good.

My only complaint came in with the desserts. The cousins ordered the chocolate brownies which went down a real treat. I ordered a dom pedro which only arrived…with the bill. Twenty minutes after everyone had finished their desserts we asked for the bill and then my dom pedro arrived. I’m happily I sent it back because that kitchen service is pathetic. And I wasn’t going to pay, nor eat, something after I’ve paid the bill.

Other than that! It was a fantastic night out in one of Long Street’s most loved restaurants. Keep up the good work Royale!


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