Woolworths Bakery Factory Shop, Compass Bakery, Kommetjie

Compass Bakery Shelves


The factory store in Kommetjie has closed down and is now in Diepriver. Read all about the Woolworths Bakery Factory Shop here.


Yes! There’s a Woolworths bakery factory shop in Cape Town, praise be the cup cake! It’s called Compass Bakery in Kommetjie (and now there’s one in Diep River). If you’ve read my blog, you will know that pizza is really my favourite food so cake is neither here nor there for me, however, I do love a bargain and value for money!

Whilst driving around Cape Town last week, I remembered to pop into Compass Bakery in Kommetjie. I ALWAYS mean to go there and forget but on this day, I had the time and I hardly needed the money to get great savings there.

Compass Bakery TreatsCompass Bakery is responsible for so many tasty treats that we find lining the shelves of Woolies around the country. Except at Compass, you can get it for about a third of the price.

From Malva puddings keeping cool in the fridge to the ginger snapped lined cookie shelves, you can get a huge basket full of treats for just over R50. It’d usually cost you about R150 at Woolies but not at the sneaky Compass Bakery 😉

Compass Bakery Baked Goods



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