Michael McInTyre on Tour in South Africa!

I always think of him as the man with the silly fringe. His hair seems to replica his funny job! Michael McInTyre is one of the few comedians out there was manages to spread humour without involving heaps of sex or swearing which is probably why he’s Britain’s favourite comedians. He was also recently acknowledged as the most successful comedian in the UK as he has sold over 7 00 000 in Britain alone.

Ironically I’m not much of a stand up comedy fan, however this man truly is funny and doesn’t need to laugh at his own jokes to try convince the audience that it’s funny (I hate when comics do that).

Catch Michael McInTyre at the Grand Arena, Grand West on April 19th 2013. Tickets are now on sale at Computicket from R257.00 – R668.00 (various prices depending on location within the Arena).


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