10 Points for FNB & R1500 for me!

I’ve blogged about FNB before and I’m giving it a go again because everyone’s quick to jump onto social media platforms and slate services but are they as quick to express gratitude and appreciation?

Whilst buying air tickets, I tried to buy travel insurance, at the same time, off the SAA website but for some reason it wouldn’t go through. Yesterday I attempted once more but after finding the insurance page they didn’t request flight numbers, dates of departure or any information that I personally feel would qualify paying R1500 for the insurance.

I then rang SAA and they said, “Oh no, we only advertise the insurance company, we don’t deal with queries.”

To which I replied, “So I’m about to click pay R1500 on the Star Alliance website but you’re not accountable for my payment or the service?”

“No, you’ll have to phone them directly.”

“Um, ok, do you have Travel Guard’s telephone number perhaps?”


Well thanks for nothing. I then proceeded to Google Travel Guard. I found their South African number but it didn’t work.

Then I had recalled that my Mom said if you have an FNB Gold credit card then you should qualify for insurance. I didn’t have a gold credit card but I rang FNB anyway. They put me through to their insurance division. They double checked that I’d bought my tickest with my general (silver) credit card, I had, and Bob’s your uncle. Free travel insurance!

FNB has saved me paying an additional R1500 and helped me in half the time the other two companies failed to do. So thanks FNB! My R97/month bank charges are becoming a pleasure to pay!

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