Best Food I’ve Had from UberEats So Far

UberEats and me, We were meant to be, I love food that is tasty, That myself don’t have to bakesy. This is why I’ve tried, Nearly all of their pies, To see which is the best, to recommend to the rest. So here are my favs, of the laziest app for days, When you get that hunger hunch, Order these UberEats to munch! The end.


MYSUGAR – Sea Point

Dammmnnn Daniel! Thank GAWD I don’t live in Sea Point or I would be twice the size of a house right now! Mr John and I ordered some UberEats MySugar after a beautiful walk and were NOT disappointed! I had the coffee milkshake…and then went back a week later and had the caramel popcorn one too! TOO GOOD! I also had their cookie donut – TO DIE FOR! As you bite into it, the cream pops out the top and you’re in heaven! Consider MySugar a dessert bar, not a drive through so expect to pay a bit more but you WILL NOT regret it! Get the Cookies and Cream Donut for R40.00 or the coffee (the caramel popcorn is also BOSS) for R65.00.


TAI PING – Newlands

I like Chinese food, but some outlets are definitely better than others so sometimes it can be a bit hit or miss. I’d visited Chins in Newlands, one of the more expensive outlets but hadn’t been back. So I decided to give them a go. I ordered these weird pork and peanut butter things and OH MY DAYS! These things are awesome! They’re like deep fried buns with a sweet & savory filling. Definitely one of the more random things I’ve ever had, but I honestly LOVE them! Find these Haam Sui Gok for R33.00 on the app.


Aneesa’s is a famous South Africa take away spot that offers malay inspired street food that’s proudly South Africa. I’d never been to the store, but was super stoked to see it appear on UberEats. I ordered a chicken sandwich, but they accidentally made a mistake with the order so the driver had to go back. Well, by the time it arrived it was BY FAR the hottest and the freshest hot food I’ve had on UberEats. Also really tasty! Thank you to Soraya for sending a little sorry note about the mistake. You are forgiven! 😉 Find the Aneesa’s Chicken Sandwich for R55.90.


JUNIOR – City Bowl

I had Junior when it first opened in town. I thought it was tasty but not really worth the money. Well, I dunno what planet I was on because I ordered some when I was STARVING at First Thursday and did NOT have the energy to fight my way to food and OMG! SO GOOD! Just order a simple cheese burger. Delicious! The brioche bun really does take it to a new level. I just stood on Bree street watching the madness go by and laughing as I chowed down on the awesome food. Even gave the street guy some chips because they give you a lot and I didn’t want to be too full. Loved it so much I drove back to town 2 days later and ordered it again for Saturday lunch! Cheese Burger & Fries – R70.00.



I’ve never been a HUGE Col’Caccio’s fan, because I eat a lot of take away pizza so I’ve never really had reason to order from them. Yet anytime I ask my Facebook friends, they LOVE them, so I thought I’d give them a go. I ordered the Manzo Ragu and OH MY DAYZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Forget whatever else they do, this is HEAVEN! I appreciate that the picture doesn’t look that nice (I should have replated it but this was my second order because the first time I had it, it was so tasty I ate it all and had nothing to photograph!). It’s a big portion of gnocci soaked, red wine braised beef and parmesean awesomeness and it is DIVINE! Possibly the best gnocci I’ve had in Cape Town so far, no jokes. Ignore my bad photography and give it a go, it’s GOOOOOOD! Find the Manzo Ragu with Gnocci for R168.30.

GIBSON’S BURGERS  – V&A Waterfront

Well, well, well. Gibson Burgers and I finally meet. I’ve heard that the burgers are super good but I’m also like, “Ag, Waterfront restaurant, super rip off, never that great, not worth my while” but Mr John and I were in town and felt like getting something before heading home and Gibson’s came up. We decided to order to see what all the hype was about. WELLLLLLLLL I have to give Gibson’s a slow clap. Your burgers are LOVELY and I was wrong – sorry. It’s true people, the hype for Gibson’s is worth it. I had a cheese burger with Parmesan and it was very, very good – kinda what Spur USED to taste like! Charcoally, cooked medium, fresh ingredients, decent chips. Find it on the menu for


CRUMBS & CREAM – Tamboerskloof

Mr John and I went to Yours Truly and their food only started again at 4pm for the dinner service, which we didn’t know. So we decided to head to my folks’ house for a braai and thought, “What can we bring along to make it a bit special?” (My Dad’s braaiing is SUPER good so we thought a nice dessert). Enjoy Crumbs & Cream delivered in a lovely deconstructed package and voi la. Get the DIY Classic Kit for 5 people for R180 and make your own ice cream sandwiches! Great for braaiis, girls’ nights, kids’ sleepovers, etc.

In closing…

I also want to send a special mention to Engruna Eatery in Sea Point. I know nothing about them, but tried them the one day and they were also very, very good. Would happily order from them again. Actually, I’d do a whole restaurant review! I don’t have a picture but if you’re considering them, feel free to give them a go. Thanks for all the great food UberEats!




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