FNB Online Bank, Cavendish.

FNB Online Banking BankI just thought I’d share this cool service with y’all. Yes, I’m on FNB AGAIN! BUT I really appreciate projects that are forward thinking and what’s more forward thinking than a physical internet bank?

Ok I know that doesn’t make much sense but listen up. FNB as built a bank in Cavendish Square that includes computers! Sometimes one doesn’t NEED a teller or to stand in queues or even visit a bank. But if you’re mobile’s died and you need to transfer money or make a quick payment and you can’t get home any time soon, what do you do? Use the FNB online banking bank!

FNB Bank Cavendish SquareThey’ve got computers set up (and secure) that allows you to log on and manage your banking online! I personally love this because NO ONE enjoys standing in bank queues and trying to explain one’s issue bla bla bla. Check it out at Cavendish Square!

(Yes, clearly by all my posts I went shopping there recently LOL)


  • capecol says:

    I also love this initiative. Clearly you don’t bank in Woodstock, though – as they’ve had this for a few years now. Quite a few FNB branches have. I think there’s one on the foreshore too.

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