[VISIT] Liquor City Claremont

I’d like to tell you about my favourite bottle store, Liquor City Claremont, because it’s something you should know about. By now you’ve gathered that going out and having a few toots is one of my favourite things to do. Being of part Irish decent, I blame my heritage. I’ve never taken drugs (yes dagga included) which my friends tell me is a good thing as I’m mad enough as it is. They think I’d be a disaster on anything stronger than my own mad mind! So having a few toots suits me just fine.

ernst gouws label, constantia glen label, tranquille haute cabriere label, dimerfontein labelWhat I’ve learnt about alcohol over the years is that it can be very similar to a beautiful meal: Once eaten it’s not easily forgotten. Think of a delicious ice cold Hunters Dry while overlooking an African sunset, how delicious an aperitif can be after dinner or bubbles that make you giggle on a special occasion. One such occasion for me was when I went to Fork in Long Street. Emily, a friend of mine, was working there at the time and suggested I tried the Ernst, Gouws and Co chardonnay. I’d been drinking Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc until I graduated to BuitenVerwagting but I was getting sick of Sauvignon Blanc. I LOVED the Ernst, Gouws & Co chardonnay and proceeded to look for it at various bottles stores, restaurants and bars for the next 5 years. No luck.

Always in the back of my mind I popped into a bottle store, I’d driven past for years, on Palmyra Road in Claremont/Newlands. I thought I’d take a chance to see if it was there – and it was! I couldn’t believe it! What is the name of this heavenly store?! Liquor City Claremont. Around the R80 price, it’s literally the reason why I return to the store time and time again.

Last Friday evening my friend and I visited Constantia Glen where we did an easy Friday afternoon tasting. Apart from the whites, I decided I liked the red “5” and she liked the red “3”. Of course CG is as gorgeous as ever, the pink dotted sunset setting us on our way as we walked down the Glen hill at the end of the day, not really thinking of the wine again.

Claremont MapOn Tuesday night I popped into Liquor City Claremont to get a bottle of wine for another friend and I to enjoy in front of Graham Norton. I selected the Ernst, Gouws and Co, the Haute Cabriere Tranquille (another staple of mine) and I found the 3 AND the 5! Unfortunately I didn’t know the 5 was going to cost R260 per bottle so I asked one of the staff members for assistance on another red. He suggested the Dimersfontein Shiraz. I arrived at my friend’s house and guess what? That’s her favourite red! Pure coincidence.

Every time I visit the store I have a great experience with their staff and managers. They told me they have the greatest selection of wines in the Southern suburbs (even their modesty made me smile) and that all are welcome. So next time you’re looking for a great bottle of wine, give them a try. They’re situated opposite Chez Gourmet, next door to the OK shop on Palmyra Road in Claremont. Liquor City Claremont is worth visiting. Thanks for the great service!


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