Having a Toast to Madiba & Obama at Graham Beck Wine Estate

Graham Beck! I honestly thought that every single South African knew this brand until my friend, Michelle, said last week, “WHO?!” Well! I nearly turned into their own marketing manager I was so surprised! [UPDATE] Unfortunately, they are currently being renovated and will not be open for the Wacky Wine weekend, but DEFINITELY visit in the future as I highly recommend the “famed” Graham Beck MCC estate.

Graham Beck Estate in Robertson

The Graham Beck Estate doesn’t look like much from the outside. The brown mat building is a little aesthetically underwhelming against the angular water feature, green trees and status that grace the estate.

But from the moment you start climbing the stairs, the 180 view begins to reveal itself along with incredible views across the valley. And once inside, we learnt that the building was created to blend into its natural surroundings and complement the Karoo like area. Thoughtful yet understated remained the theme of the day during our visit at Graham Beck…

Mr John and I visited the estate while on our 24 hours in Robertson trip. It was a beautiful, warm autumn day and we were kindly greeted by Kato, the hostess on the day. I was so surprised to see how modern, light and welcoming the venue was, FILLED with South African art – including some original Irma Sterns!


Before tucking into any of the MCC’s, we learnt about the building, the artworks and the initiatives taken by the farm. For example, that they have educational programs for the farm workers AND their families so that the entire community is uplifted, not just those that are employed. VERY “new South Africa” and I love it! Much of the story appears on the tasting room’s walls:

Madiba VS Obama

Did you know that Graham Beck was served at BOTH the inaugurations of Nelson Mandela AND Barack Obama? NO! ME NEITHER! How crazy and cool is that?! The entire story of the Graham Beck estate is ‘drawn’ on the wall so that visitors can learn all about the history of the brand:

One Magical Fruit

I also didn’t realise that every single bottle of Graham Beck is developed from the same grape! They grow one varietal That’s some variety they got going down there! All of their MCC’s were really good with the Brut Rose 2011 being my favourite. We learn that drinking it from a broader shaped glass changes the flavour (for the better) and I will now never drink bubbly in a stiff flute again!


Strong Focus on Environment

The Graham Beck brand focuses on preserving its surrounding area as well as producing wine in an eco-friendly manner. This includes having a solar-powered building!

MCC Tasting at Graham Beck

We sat down at the wooden bar to learn a bit more about the MCC’s and about the intentions behind the brand.Kato took us through the collection of MCCs and I loved sipping my way through the range, realising that I had not been giving the brand as much attention and credence that it deserved. I’d love to describe all the different bottles to you, but I’m not expert when it comes to wine so I’d rather recommend you just visit and find your favourite!

Note: I had no idea they even made an easy drinking wine, named Gorgeous.


Visit Graham Beck Wine Estate

Without question Graham Beck is one of the most understated estates I’ve ever been too. Fantastic products, beautiful showroom, warm staff and an all round wonderful experience. I’d highly recommend you visit and enjoy this proudly South African brand.

The tasting room and sales is open from:

  • Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00
  • Sat & Sun 10:00 to 16:00.
  • Closed on selected public holidays.

And is wheelchair friendly. Join the Graham Beck Facebook page for further information.

THANK YOU to Kato and the Graham Beck staff for having us.

I’m looking forward to returning one day in the not too distant future.



  • Se manifique views and vibes! i love the photo journal and descriptions. makes me wanna hop on a plane right now lol.
    My mum loooooves wine and we just got back from a wine fest this weekend actually. she enjoyed herself

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