In-Store Tailor, Woolworths, Cavendish.

Seamstress, ClaremontCalling all of you who are too lazy to alter your clothes yourselves!

How cool is this? Now if you love sowing as much as I do (darning socks, lost buttons, etc) then you’ll also not have done it in 10 years and can’t be bothered! Which is why I’m LOVING this tailoring serve at Cavendish so much!

My cousin’s getting married so my partner and I went on a mission to get something smart to wear. We’d checked all the boxes except that he needed to get his pants taken up at the hem. NEXT mission! I was going to ring my Mom to see if she’d do it (wishful thinking) but before we’d left the Woolies in Cavendish, we found a tailors corner offering clothing alterations!

Clothing Alterations, ClaremontSo anybody who’s buying anything at Woolies in Claremont can now get their clothing tailored to fit PERFECTLY! It cost around R60 to have the pants taken up and was done within a few days! I love convenient services at my finger tips so I thought I’d share this service with you. Boys and girls, don’t let sowing be the mission of your life, enjoy this great service from Woolies!

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  1. says: Mwezi

    Hi there

    I’m am a plus size 49 male and I am wandering if your shop does offer tailored trousers or pants for someone like me?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon


    1. Hi Mwezi,

      You’ve misunderstood this post. I am a blogger and I share nice things with the people who read my website.
      I have no affiliation to this shop and can’t help you with any service queries.
      You will need to contact them directly for any service queries 🙂

  2. says: Cindy

    You don’t love sewing enough if you can’t even spell it. Unless of course I misunderstood you. Do you love sowing seeds?