[CLOSED] Benga Pulls out of CTEMF 2014, WELCOME CASPA!

White male DJing over DJ desk in booth with brick wallsI’m really disappointed that Benga has pulled out of the CTEMF. Although I appreciate that “we” the audience do not own him, he had made the commitment to play so I think it’s a pretty swak move to pull out. He could have brought his partner with him and started his family here 😉 (One of the reasons he gave for giving up his DJ career on the Facebook Page on Saturday). None the less, there’s nothing we can do about people who don’t respect their audiences (cause he has a money tree at home and doesn’t need an audience to support or buy his music or attend his gigs) SO! Moving on…

The CTEMF if proud to announce their latest headliner – Caspa! I don’t know much about the UK producer other than knowing he was instrumental in the inception of UK Dubstep. I’ve heard LOADS of his tunes at the good ol’ Fiction thanks to Step Up. I look forward to his set at the CTEMF this weekend! (P.S Benga, where’s my money? / F*CK! / Does Caspa know that’s a zap sign in RSA? Was it to Benga? HAHA)

To celebrate we’re giving those with tickets the opportunity to win the price of their ticket as the value of a bar tab! So whether you bought a R200 Day Pass, a R350 Early Bird Ticket or a R500 Full Weekend Pass, this prize will ensure that you have an ice-cold drink in your hand throughout your time at the CTEMF!

To win:

  • Join the Boring Cape Town Facebook Page and LIKE this post
  • Follow Boring Cape Town Chick on Twitter (@BCTCBlog) and RETWEET
  • Write in the comment section below what the VALUE of your ticket is please.
  • For those who do both, obviously you have a better chance of winning and are welcome to let me know in the comment section below where you shared/liked/did both.

T’S & C’s:

  1. Please note that winners WILL be required to show their ticket on collection
  2. No under 18’s
  3. BCTC is not responsible for said prize should the sponsor fail to deliver promised goods.

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth!



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