Can’t Believe MK Is Shutting Down :(

MK Channel LogoMK is genuinely one of my favourite DSTV channels. Even though some of the presenters are total raters, I still believe in the product and the purpose of the channel. Even in Afrikaans (I’m English 1st lang) MK has been instrumental in connecting the South African audience with music youth culture in South Africa. Shows like Ondergrond, which show cases metal music, MK Elektro, which features club nights, producers and DJ, YIP that has interviews with all sorts of South African artists, to name a few, have been invaluable in connecting people with what actually happens in the music scene after 11pm at night.

From what I’ve gathered, the channel is going viral but let’s not lie to ourselves. As much as we love our online projects (and we DO love them) they do not NEARLY have the same amount of reach and gravity as traditional broadcasting mediums (FM/TV). MK is now officially moving to where it will continue to stream videos and programs. I’m just really shocked that MNET isn’t behind the channel. I guess money is always more important to corporations that culture. (This I assume is the issue, let’s be honest, when isn’t money the issue?)

According to’s article DSTV ending MK, Bloomberg TV channels by Thinus Ferreira, an MNET representive is quoted, “It’s mindblowing to think that internet users across the globe would be able to enjoy MK’s content and that you only need a smart phone, tablet or PC with an internet connection to be exposed to the great South African bands and musos that rock MK.” Whatever. What other way are they going to sell it? You suck, we’re dropping you! Bye! And piss off all the MK supporters? No. They have to pretend this is a fantastic step forward.

My PVR! Fan girl much?

Last year I watched Jozi fest online and it was super fun, no doubt. But am I going to waste my broadband at the expense in South Africa to have it constantly playing? Hell no! Until internet costs improve in South Africa then this will continue to hurt any online project. 

Whenever I’m busy with work I ALWAYS flip my channel to MK so I can subtly take in new SA music and projects broadcast on the station. I’m truly sorry to see this go as the cost of internet in South Africa is going to majorly impact on the station being as easily supported as a TV channel. None the less, I will be keeping my eye on MK and wishing them the very best. South Africa still needs you!

P.S I can’t find when MK will be shut down exactly, it’s still on my tv at the moment so I assume until the end of June?

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