Good Ol’ Cape Town Drive

“Happy” Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend 🙂

Sunrise Beach MarketThis weekend I went for a fabulous girls’ night out and ended up at numerous venues along Long Street. That meant Saturday was dedicated to laying around on the couch and recovering! But Sunday it was absolutely gorgeous in Cape Town so I wasn’t prepared to waste the day. My partner and I had brunch as a little local coffee house then hit the road.

Cape Town is one of the tourism capitals of Africa, as we know, so we decided to explore the terrain. We drove down the M5 through Grassy Park to check in on the Cape Flats. It’d been a while since I’d personally driven through. When we approached Muizenberg we spotted a flea market at Sunrise Beach.

Kalk BayFrom there we moved onto Kalk bay which was full as usual, through Fish Hoek to Glencairn where we pulled over at the railway line. The tidal pool below was closed (not that I was looking to swim) but I’m not sure why as the water was clear and a gorgeous turquoise colour. The seas were very calm as we looked over bobbing seagulls and boats.

From there we drove through Simon’s Town which gave me a faint recall of Luderitz in Namibia. Simon’s Town has a very different feel. I had no idea who Simon was but suggested Simon’s Town was named Simon Van Der Stel. Mr Google confirmed that that is true.

After driving past the penguin beach (which we recently visited) we decided to continue along the road and see where it took us.


I’m still not 100% sure of the name of the area but it was beautiful. Hugely steep rock faces falling down to the sea, very similar to the Knysna Heads.

Around the bend we went until we met the entrance to Cape Point. It costs R90 for adults which I initially thought was a bit cheeky. I’m South African, why can’t I go to any corner of my land? Then I thought about only foreigners paying the fee and that didn’t seem to make sense either. We’ve got to have enough pride to maintain our own natural features. So I guess the R90 is fair. Having said all that, we didn’t enter and continued on our way.

A short drive down the road we passed the Cape Point Ostrich Farm.

Giant Ostrich Cape Point Ostrich Farm

We pulled over and saw THE most GINORMOUS male ostrich! I’ve ridden an ostrich before in Outshoorn but did NOT recall them being so huge! The male dropped down and started doing the mating dance which I was very flattered about 😉

The road took us through to Scarborough where we stopped to watch the surfers on the glittery sea.


In the distance we saw a whale blowing water. Whales are so magical no matter how many time I see them!

From Scarborough we entered Kommetjie where we stopped to see the surfers, paddlers and body boarders enjoying the Long beach bay. Whilst we stood on the platform we smelt a fire being lit up. A braai for dinner? Seems like a great idea.

Long Beach KommetjieWe headed home over Ou Kaapse Weg as the HUGE full moon rose above the hills. Down the M3 and back home to braai. Steak for dinner on a beautiful windness Cape day – perfection. I hope you had a beautiful weekend too 🙂

Constantia Nek

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