[VIDEO] PHFat Video Launch

The fact that it’s taken me this long to write about PHFat’s album launch last Friday night is actually testament as to how big the party was. Before I left home I said, “I’m going to TRY not get completely dronk tonight cause we’re going away tomorrow.” I’d never say “I won’t get drunk tonight” because I’m old enough not to lie to myself anymore, however, practising self control is still a challenge.

When arriving at the Assembly on Friday night the queue was a solid 4 rows deep and even though it was raining the punters weren’t going anywhere. The Assembly was grooving to Felix La Band although the youngsters weren’t too familiar with his style of music. They’re used to tear out beats all night long but La Band was a great set up for Mr Sakitumi and the Grrl who was also responsible for the killer visuals all night. The Grrrl worked all night providing visuals right until the end of Hyphen’s set and Mr Sakitumi even jumped on the drum kit and had a little jam during Hyphen’s set!

Following Mr Sakitumi were the electro hip hop trio PHFat. Clash if Houses seeped through the Twitterverse and Facebook all last week as 5FM skipped the single to offer Happiness Machine on their new music selection on Rob Forbes’ show during the week.

The crowd went wild and I hadn’t heard a male sing-a-long Fest since Fokof’s Ek Skyn Heilig. “What’s your favourite ice-cream? M*therf*cker lightening” gives me giggles every time I recall Friday night’s enthusiasm.

Following the trio were Seafood comprised of Dank and Card on Spokes. The experimental glitch-hop styled beat makers kept playing one more…ok one more…ok one more until Hyphen managed to take the reigns. Master of contemporary drum n bass, trap and dub step Hyphen rocked the last of the punters who didn’t fall prey to their parents’ 2am curfew (girls) or getting too drunk (boys). Needless to say, I fell into the latter category as I spent most of Saturday asking,”Whyyyyy” and dealing with up chuck reflexes all day.

Congratulations to PHFat on Happiness Machines. It’s a global worthy hip hop offering which I hope reaches international ears and charts. Download the album for free from the PHFat website and read more from Smooth Mike about the album Happiness Machine.


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