Sedge Warbler Video Launch, 19.07.13

IMG_8272My apologies for being a week late on this but Cape Town’s music scene has been keeping me SUPER busy! Two Friday’s ago the Waiting Room was choc-a-block as to be expected for Upper Cut. The weekly hip hop party has breathed life back into the Long Street venue and given music lovers a cool space to jam it out, old school style, on a Friday night.

On July 19th, 2013 they had a special edition Upper Cut: Future Thug. Future Thug invites glitch hop artists to share their take on, in a sense, future hip hop.

I can only describe glitch hop as electro fused hip hop. Although hip hop is a form of electronic music (made on computers in studios and less commonly with full bands) it is not often viewed as a stereotypical electronic genre. Glitch hop then fuses those two sounds – hip hop and the expected electronic music sound.

Cape Town glitch hop duo Sedge Warber (Seafood’s Dank and PHFat’s Disco) are firm contributors to the South African glitch hop sound. Although they’ve been away for a while they’re back with new material. Their latest single being Basil Pestro featuring Vulkan Cydeburner.

As the Waiting Room heaved with beat happy guests all anticipating the phat bass sounds, Sedge Warbler offered their latest musical offering both live and on big screen. Their guest vocalist Vulkan Cydeburner stuffed up his cue as they were rapping live with the video but it didn’t hold back the party. Everyone had a couple of laughs about it and let the party go on. [Dank actually responded to this article and said the mistake was on his part. So apologies Vulkam Cydeburner. Good thing you guys know how to rock a party hiccups aside 😉 )

Here’s a video clip below:

The video’s been produced, directed and animated by Travys Oven and is an awesome black n white graphic offering. Travys Oven is obviously a very talented individual as he is also responsible for the epic new PHFat video: House of Clashes; but more about that later 😉 If you love Sedge Warbler then get their debut album Welcome to the Universe for $10 online (R100).

For now, here’s the whole new Basil Pesto video.

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