Follow your Favourite shark in the sea – Literally!

20130822-100820.jpgI was really intrigued this week when a friend posted news about an app that follows sharks around. I’m not a big shark fan in particular (no cage diving for me thanks!) but I do love animals in general and love that we live in such a special part of the world. So any information about “our” animals intrigues me.

Shark Tracker is an app that allows us to connect with those great beasts! A fish with teeth that can hurt us. Weird thought but these sharks ARE special and become endangered/protected in various places including South Africa.


20130822-093628.jpgEach shark that is tags swims around wherever they are in the sea. As soon as they break the surface information is sent to the satellite to “see” where they are. When they swim above the water for a longer period of time then a little blue line appears. The longer they’re above the surface, the more information can be gained.

So if you ARE planning on going shark cage diving, maybe this is the app for you! This way you’ll know EXACTLY who you’re staring at eye to eye under water 😉

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