[INTERVIEW] Bart B More on his South African tour to Grietfest 2013

Bart B More Profile PicBart B More is on his way to South Africa to play Grietfest Cape Town and Johannesburg. The Dutch born techno/house/electro producer is known for the varied style of production and heavy bass laden sets. Two weeks away from Grietfest, here’s what Bart B More has to say about his work and travelling to South Africa:

BCTC: When I researched your history I found lists of the hundreds of gigs that you’ve done around the world. What have been two of the gigs that meant the most to you on a professional level and on a personal level?

BBM: The biggest gig that I ever played must have been EDC in Las Vegas. It was quite impressive to play for so many people to say the least! Another gig that I’ll always remember is one of my first international gigs at the legendary Ministry of Sound in London in 2007. I was almost too nervous DJ’ing, but it went well and it was one of the first times I experienced playing for a crowd that lives for the music. It was an incredible experience!

Bart B More Gig PicBCTC: You were recently in America and now you’re on your way to South Africa. When you started producing, what was the one country that you wanted to “make it” in and how do you feel now that you’re coming to little ol’ South Africa?

BBM: At the time I started discovering dance music I was really into the French house sound, therefore, France always seemed like the place to be for me. I’m truly honoured to come to beautiful South Africa. To me it’s incredible to go to the other end of the world and play my music. I can’t wait to meet a lot of people and experience the culture.

BCTC: You don’t like your producing to be held captive by genre limitations. But have you ever composed a song and thought, “No, that’s just not Bart B More”?

BBM: So many! I can fill a couple of albums with all the “not Bart B More” material that’s sitting on my studio computer. And I’m planning on doing so too! To me, producing completely different music is a way of challenging myself and keeping it fun. Releasing this music under ‘Bart B More’ wouldn’t make sense and would just confuse people.

Bart B More ProfileBCTC: How do you balance playing your own songs verses other producers in your set?

BBM: It’s hard. I usually play more of my own songs than anyone else’s. I always assume that when people come to see me they want to hear my productions so I try to minimize the risk of disappointing someone not hearing the Bart B More song they wanted to hear. But my DJ sets are always on the fly and never the same so it’s always a surprise what I end up playing.

BCTC: What should the South Africa audience expect from your set here at Grietfest, South Africa?

A spontaneous DJ set full of energetic and fun electro, house and techno music with a lot of my own (new and old) songs in there.

Catch Bart B More at Grietfest Cape Town and Johannesburg, August 30th and 31st respectively.

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