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Burger King Western Cape Restaurant LocationsTwo weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Burger King, Cavendish Square. The Claremont store is the third instalment of the Burger King franchise in South Africa. I felt it was my opportunity to ask a few questions and dispel all the myths about the brand entering the country. I met the group CEO, Jay Sinclair, who was more than happy to answer my questions.

(These are NOT Mr Sinclair’s direct quotes (I didn’t have a dictaphone) but are his points.)

BCTCB: First on the list, BACON! Why you no have bacon Mr Sinclair?

JS: Bacon is a dietary choice not a religion. There are many people who do not eat pork for various reasons. We felt it would exclude to some South Africans if we were to include it in our menu. But we are looking for substitutes for the near future.

BCTC: Why Cape Town and not Joburg?

Burger King SA Map

JS: Cape Town is a port. It makes sense to launch the brand at the nearest shipping port otherwise we’ll be transporting goods inland, surpassing the coast, which wouldn’t make much sense.

BCTC: Are the openings of Joburg stores dependant on the successes of the Cape Town stores?

JS: No. We have a plan to roll out stores in the Johannesburg area by the end of the year.

Word on the street is that Burger King will be opening at all Sasol garages so that Burger King will be available wherever you are on the road. Over the next 5 years Burger King will provide over 5000 jobs to South Africans around the country with stores opening in Johannesburg and Durban next.

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