Bye Bye Homegrown! It was great…

HomegrownI feel so sad watching this video but also happy. I’d never been to a Homegrown until I met some people who were in the drum n bass scene. Drum n bass scene, where’s that?! Mercury. Every first Saturday of the month. Homegrown was a magical event that came off every month. Whether it was the DJs mad passion or Counterstrike‘s epic visuals (and music) it was always a big party. No going home before 4am.

Sadly, it’s over now but at least Pressure is in its place carrying out the same philosophy – even though Cape Town’s ruining the vibe with kak liquor laws and trading hours! All of us have a responsibility to keep drum n bass alive in South Africa, so let’s keep supporting our local boys who play drum n bass, produce drum n bass and host drum n bass parties. Viva DnB

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