SCHOOL BOYS: Plastics, Holiday Murray & Beatenberg

Schoolboys PortraitThe first edition of School Boys is this weekend!

Remember the first time you went clubbing in town? Getting into the car, hoping you get into the club, thinking you’re really fashionable, not knowing how much booze costs, dancing the night away? Wow life was fun when you were scared!

All these years later Long Street is still providing the best in SA music and this Friday is no different. The Clique is hosting the first in their monthly event: SCHOOL BOYS featuring three fantastic South African bands: The Plastics, Holiday Murray and Beatenberg at Manilla Bar.

Entrance is R50 OR you could win a set of double tickets! Tell me in the comment section about the first live South African band you saw as a SCHOOL BOY or GIRL and you could be a winner.

And if you actually have a picture of you at the gig then you win the prize hands down! Post it on the Boring Cape Town Chick FB Page or Tweet me 🙂

Winners will be announced on Wednesday afternoon. Good luck! See the WIN tab above for T’s & C’s

Congrats to Beatenberg! Their track Chelsea Blakemore was just play listed on 5FM 🙂
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  1. I rocked up at my first gig equipped with my obviously legit paper ID and inappropriately warm attire. I went to a dingy hole in the wall spot in Durban called Unit 11, where guys and girls are subjected to the horror of sharing ablutions. I went with a group of friends to see The City Bowl Mizers who at that stage, were in their prime (if you can even call it that). Before they played, this low-key band from Jo'burg played and I ended up having the biggest jam moshing to their edgey tunes. It turns out that that band, Shadowclub, would go on to achieve more success than the head-lining act of the night. The City Bowl Mizers were a bit of an anticlimax but at least I got the bittersweet experience of being stood on and pushed into other people by a crowd of crazy moshers. Looking forward to another solid jam on Friday.

  2. Saron Gas ( is what they were know as back in the day but now they are called Seether) I was Grade 10 and at Aardklop, Got super drunk. Lost my phone lost my dignity but gained the most awesome experience of my life……. Wish I had a photo to post but its probably safer not to let anyone see the state I was in LOL! #GoodTimes The lessons you learn at your first live band concert #selfcontrol lol! Would love to rock it out too some good tunes again. Hope Too win!

  3. says: Shannon Fung

    When the set of Triplets in my grade at school got Mean Mr Mustard to perform for their 13th Birthday! Most epic party and made me fall in love with South African Bands even more!

  4. I'm rather embarrassed to say that it was Tweak! There was this snow day in Blouberg, with fake ice and snowboarding in the middle of summer and Tweak were the headliners. I had to beg my mom to come pick us up later so that we can see them and I was still terrified that I'll get squished in the crowd. I've come a long way since then:)

  5. As I was doing some serious thinking I read Kyle and Kale's comments and I totally remember watching Fuzigish, Hog Hoggidy Hog and Half Price at the Wynberg Sports Club. I think I was in grade 8. We were the youngest by a country mile and we were right in front the whole time because we had no business leaving our spot to smoke or buy booze. We'd come home sweaty and smelling off beer (because of the rawkus skank and mosh pits), and our parents we're never too impressed. Rad times.

  6. Fokofpolisikar played at the town hall in Stellenbosch. I went alone at the tender age of 18, brand new to studying in Cape Town. I didn't have a ticket since they were all sold out, not did I have any money since I forgot my wallet at home. I embarrassingly stood at the door while everyone went in. I waited and waited after having asked to go in and received a few painful no's from the bouncer. Eventually the bouncer felt sorry for me at 12am, just as aKing was finishing up, and let me through. Fokofpolisiekar came on stage and changed my life, and I found myself with tears in my eyes singing along with hundreds of other people, as Francious picked up a a man in a wheelchair onto stage and had him sing a part of "Ek Skyn Heilig". I didn't go with friends, nor did I have plan to hit Bohemia afterwards. I was there alone, just me and Fokof. I don't know about everyone else, but that night for me was a spiritual experience as I couldn't stop smiling driving home in silence.

  7. says: Claytonious Rex

    The first live SA band I saw was Flat Stanley so many years ago at a Kirstenbosch gardens gig. Wow, that most certainly feels like an age! I went to the first ever Holiday Murray gig too actually. It was at CATU irish bar in town about 5 years ago now. Wow how time has flown. It is so incredibly sad that this will be Holiday Murray's last performance for some time. I've been their biggest fan from day 1! Could really do with an incredible night to give these guys an incredible send off!

  8. says: Kyle Davis

    I was in grade 8 and Captain Stu And The Llamas (that was still their name back then) were playing in a club in Obs (i forget the name). Naturally at that age you think you're way older looking than you really are, so we tried to just walk on inside but ended up getting bounced.
    While standing outside feeling sorry for ourselves we noticed a gate next to the venue. The 2 sections were chained together but we were so young that we were able to fit through the 2 sections of the gate and managed to sneak into the club through the back door just in time to see them start their set. as soon as I was in I put my hood on, to disguise myself, and watched the gig while one by one my friends were getting found inside and kicked out the club. I survived and it was way way punk rock. powerslide!

  9. says: Kale Tyler

    I definitely remember the first south african band I saw as a school girl.
    It was Fuzigish, the Hogs and then Half Price..was so much fun! from obs fests, wynberg sports club, to coke fests to random gigs around everywhere.
    Those good old blurry days 🙂
    I am really looking forward to this gig.. been keeping my eye on it since I saw the flyer pop up on facebook.