Blue Vistas at Bosjes Kombuis

From the moment I saw the chapel on Instagram, I knew I wanted to visit Bosjes. What’s weird is that I thought this building was the restaurant and that it was THE best looking restaurant in SA! Alas, it is the Bosjes chapel; homed on the same property as the restaurant Bosjes Kombuis. (Watch my vlog below or keep reading for more!)

Bosjes Chapel

The church is surrounded by Wolseley’s very own garden of Eden. I am not a religious person, but the chapel is so exceptional that I’m going to write about it another time. For now, let’s focus on what brought us here today – the food at Bosjes Kombuis.

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7 Reasons To Visit Bosjes Kombuis

Here are my 7 quick tips on why you should visit Bosjes:

  • Beautiful Restaurant
  • Stunning location
  • Well priced
  • Family friendly
  • Good mix of family/more private couple tables
  • Good service
  • Delicious Food

Lunch at Bosjes Kombuis

Mr John and I had just enjoyed an evening at the Arum Lily Cottages, just around the bend, in Wolseley. We had planned to visited Bosjes the next day for a little autumn cuisine and enjoyed exploring the backroads of the farm towns. We explored the garden of Eden and then made our way to the modern, Bosjes Kitchen.

We were welcomed and shown to our seats. Bosjes is an exquisitely modern restaurant with tall, large glass windows and doors. The views on both sides (either across the valley or towards the mountains) are incredible. It was a perfectly clear day, but it was also HOT! The Bosjes restaurant acts a little bit like a greenhouse with large, tinted windows/doors and sky lights. There is aircon, but the servers kept coming in and out around us, meaning the doors remained open. This made eating mash and hot food really difficult and I kept having to get up and shut the doors in order not to melt into a puddle!


Family Friendly at Bosjes

I had NO idea Bosjes was a family restaurant! I’m really looking forward to returnin now that I know how inclusive it is. There’s a large lawn and jungle gyms for kids to play on. It’s a fantastic family restaurant and I’d love to return with my family. Even though the trees had no leaves, the beautiful artwork on the exterior of the restaurant stitched together the blue sky and purple mountains to showcase the modern restaurant.

Starters at Bosjes

Because it was so hot outside, I decided to start with a sesame chicken salad (R80). Murphy’s Law, it was a warm chicken salad! Made with crumbed chicken, thinly sliced radish, earthy rainbow carrots and toasted seeds, it was delicious. But, considering it was so hot, I really would have liked to have had it cold. (I don’t think any of us anticipated it being so hot this day!)

Mains at Bosjes

For his main, Mr John had a grass-fed beef of the day (R200) while I had a special: the lamb chop. I have NO idea why I ordered this! It’s SO not my kind of food! I think I was totally caught up in the beautiful countryside type vibe and the heat was clearly going to my head, HAHA! The flavour was good, but everything was just SLIGHTLY over seasoned. I asked our server if the chef smoked and she said yes so I think sometimes smokers add a little extra salt, which us non-smokers don’t need. The mash was rich and creamy and I LOVED the deep-fried capers. The sauce was excellent too.

Desserts at Bosjes

For dessert I had an almond panna cotta with poached pears and home-made shortbread (R65). The flavours were great, but the texture was really far off from a panna cotta. It was more like a fridge mousse. It was delicious, but you can see for yourself that it barely resembles a panna cotta. The flavours and textures were soft and subtle.

Mr John had a malva pudding with vanilla ice cream (R55), which was divine!

Reservations at Bosjes Kombuis

I’m really looking forward to visiting Bosjes again. The food was great and well priced. It was NOTHING of what I expected it to be and I really think it’s the perfect restaurant for the area (heck, the building is so beautiful you could stick it anywhere!).

I would love to return in winter and watch the rain over the valley. Or return in summer, but then definitely not order anything hot as the weather does NOT mess around in Ceres!

Make a reservation by calling +27 23 004 0496 or e-mail:

They will be closed for a winter break from 3rd – 18th July. Bosjes is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10am to 4pm (not open for dinner). Find Bosjes here:



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