Save with Groupon South Africa on Black Friday

Do you know about Black Friday or Cyber Monday? It’s not common in South Africa, however, just like Halloween it’s becoming more and more popular every year. Black Friday is the last Friday of every November and Cyber Monday is always the 1st Monday of December and are days where retailers give shoppers the opportunity to get ridiculous savings!

Originating in America, Black Friday was traditionally the day after Thanksgiving and retailers viewed it as the end of the ‘quiet season’, meaning Christmas would be on the way and shopping would increase. Cyber Monday is the sister of Black Friday and encourages people to shop online for BIG savings! So basically it’s a marketing gimmick, but as consumers we can win SO much as retailers have crazy savings!

This year Groupon South Africa is jumping on the bandwagon and will have savings this Friday. When you get to the website a pop up will immediately show, which is a bit distracting. Just click ‘already have an account’ so that you can browse the deals. But then you will have to create an account for yourself and then sign in to shop.

Make sure you log onto Groupon to get 20% of local savings, 10% of getaway deals and 10% of product deals. Don’t miss Black Friday this week on Groupon for ONE DAY ONLY!

**This post was not paid for, however, Groupon did furnish me with a shopping voucher.


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