Mercedes-Benz Cape Town Fashion Week: Habits

Last night I attended my very first Cape Town Fashion Week! Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, I can really see what a contribution the luxury car brand is making to the industry as everything was really well organised with a high quality production. I visited the Habits show at the MBCTFW 2015 at the WaterShed.


I arrived at the V&A, dressed in my Kim Kardashian dress that I got in England and Cyber lipstick, by MAC (another one of the sponsors), and made my way to the ticket collection point. It was upstairs so I had to rush to get to the runway tent, which was actually on the other side of the ship yard! I’ll be getting married in the harbour next year and this night time setting with the epic ships, lights and fashion is just TOO sick. I love the mix of hard industrial elements with light and soft art.


Luckily, everyone was still finding their seat so I wasn’t late and was able to take a few shots. Everyone was dressed in black, just as I knew they would be and I’m so sorry for that. It’s fashion! It’s meant to be fun! And those in the know should dress up and show those of us NOT in the know, how to do it. But alas, that was not the case. In the fashionista’s defense, it was about 10 degrees outside last night so everyone was dressed in coats and warm clothing.


Soon the lights went down and the show began. I was watching with an open mind, but was also cautious to turn into Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely fabulous – I didn’t want to say it was, “Fabulous sweety darling!” just because it’s fashion and it’s “cool”. But I do love Project Runway so I was open. The show started with a montage of 1950’s, a touch of working womens’ style and the classic red lipstick look popularised in the 1950’s.

MBCTFW 2015 HabitsMBCTFW 2015 Habits

The Habits show opened with a model dressed in a cocoon shaped cloak, wrapped around her body and face. After going down the runway once, she unwrapped herself to transform into a large collared cloak, it was chic and edgy while still feminine.

MBCTFW 2015 HabitsMBCTFW 2015 Habits

There were a number of sub-collections within the Habits 2016 show. After the opening look the first section was comprised of an African/Asian set. The use of the classic African circle print transformed into kimonos. The models wore little head covering caps, white eye shadow and lashes with a pop of red lipstick.

thumb_1438288236  thumb_1438288334  thumb_1438296120

*Pictures courtesy of Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week

The next section was my least favourite because it’s a look that’s SO old. Perhaps Habits is the creator of this look and it’s one of their signature collections? I don’t know, but EVERYONE knows this old Tannie look (maybe that’s the point?). The pastels, the baggy style, the creases. Material very popular in palazzo pants, even the models were creased last night. I don’t like to write nasty things about people’s work, but let’s just say I hope this collection meets a fire in a dark alley way.

The next section was wonderful again as the girls were dressed in white garments with little while caps, like Armish milkmaids! It included lace covered cut outs and a beautiful strapless dress. To be honest, I think the women wearing it was just too beautiful, she rocked the dress.

IMG_2751 IMG_2752IMG_2753

I really liked that the girls would come down the center of the runway and then return on the outside of the runway. They also sometimes had 4 girls in a row or 5 in a pyramid shape, I really liked this and made the show interesting to watch (I’d not seen this before).

IMG_2748 IMG_2749

I call the next section the swing section as Tony Bennet & Lady Gaga, “The Lady is a Tramp” was the soundtrack and it was perfect. It showcased beautiful free flowing striped maxi dresses. The models looked incredible as their long trains floated down the runway behind them. Big bold monochrome stripes were the order of this collection.

IMG_2754 IMG_2755

This evolved into longer lace looks, very much in fashion at the moment (if the American red carpets are anything to go by). One of my favourites was a long flowy black dress with a sheer bodice and lace over the breast area. The model looked incredible! There was also a full, black lace dress that was gorgeous.

IMG_2756 IMG_2757

The show ended with Queen’s Friends will be Friends which was so sweet! The collection was presented once more and it was great to see it together.

IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2767 IMG_2768

The two designers for Habits received a standing ovation as their girls walked down the runway one last night. I liked that we were seated above the runway as I saw another fashion show once where the models were above us and it really didn’t give a good sense of how the clothing really looks on a women. I much prefer being above as in this case. I really loved the show and appreciate the hours and hours of hard that would have been required to create their looks. Well done Habits!



After the show everyone was taking pictures at the MBCTFW wall and I joined the fun too. Thereafter I mosied on up to the media center. I was alone so just had a glass of wine and took in the environment. Everything was really well organised and presented. Thank you to Mercedes Benz and Cape Town Fashion Week for having me. It was exquisite!

MBCTFW 2015 MBCTFW 2015IMG_2783IMG_2781 IMG_2779

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