POSTPONED: [WIN] Tickets to Park Acoustics Cape Town, 14th Sept 13

Park Acoustics Map Sept 13[WIN Tickets to Park Acoustics Cape Town] When I saw pictures of Park Acoustics Pretoria pop up on Facebook I thought it looked like a great day out. I know we have Kirstenbosch here in Cape Town but considering we have so many other outdoor venues, it is kinda silly that we don’t do music in parks more often – until now.

Those very same Pretoria Park Acoustic organisers are bringing it to the Mother City. Sis on us Cape Town! But thank you to the organisers of Park Acoustics 🙂

The first edition (of a 3 part series) is happening next weekend and features fantastic South African bands including:

12:00 Diamond Thug
13:00 The Dollfins 
14:00 Bateleur
15:00 Desmond & the Tutus
16:00 DJ Michael Lesar – Swing set
17:00 Maoriginal – Balkanology

Picture by Amy L Sullivan

Picture by Amy L Sullivan

I’ve always loved parks and spent, literally, hundreds of hours of my childhood in them. I still recall the day my family moved to Namibia. As we entered the town my brother and I absolutely fell apart when we saw a “witches hat” for the first time. It was the greatest thing I’d ever seen! I also lost my first pair of “Woolies tekkies” in the park – my Mom’s still mad!

Tell me below in the comment section what your favourite park jungle gym/memory is and you could win a set of double tickets to Park Acoustics! 🙂

Alternatively, buy your tickets on the Park Acoustics website for R70 or R80 at the gate. Kids <6 entry free. Gates open at 11am and there will be food, bar and loo facilities available at the park.

See the Park Acoustic Facebook event for any further updates.


  • Jessi Ca says:

    I remember 25 years ago going to Settlers Park in PE as a kid. We had picnics and chased peacocks. I had trippy Alice in Wonderland dreams based on my adventures in the park. I've sadly never been back since then, I guess it's changed a lot.
    Parks + local music = winning combo ~smile~.

  • Jade Rautenbach says:

    I think my best memory of parks isn't from when I was young. I enjoyed swings as a child, but not generally the outdoors as a whole as kids were outside and often very mean and I preferred reading indoors where they couldn't affect me. My favourite memory of the park is taking my little sister (she's five and I only get to see her once a year as she lives in Pretoria) and pushing the swing for as long as she wanted as I saw how delighted she was to soar into the sky with butterflies in her stomach and a grin on her face. I'd love to attend Park Acoustics as Desmond and the Tutus is actually her favourite local band and one of mine too.

  • Anya Klaassen says:

    I absolutely adore parks… something about being in a tranquil, green space completely centres me. In fact, every time I travel I make a point of finding a park in whatever city I'm in, just to take an hour and decompress.

    I have to say my favourite experience was doing just that on a pretty Sunday morning in London, when I wandered through Hyde Park and found a bunch of people standing up on boxes and talking about… well, anything and everything! I'd never heard of Speakers Corner before, but I had a fascinating morning having interesting discussions with all sorts of crazywonderful people!

  • Cara Morris says:

    Ah! memories! I had so many memories in the Pluto Road park in Plumstead up the road from me… there was a (obviously not working) steam roller in the park and when I was little it was HUGE! it was such a major effort to climb up it and once we got to the top we would stand up once we got over our fear of being up so high and yell SO loudly!
    Once they painted it and I thought that they'd actually brought in a whole new steamroller and wanted to know what had happened to the old one! haha
    I once had my birthday party there, I think I was 9 or 10 and I got a pair of roller blades and I found every single patch of tar in that park and tried to blade on it and fell on it (mainly because the tar was not very well-maintained, I had mad skillz, naturally).
    I also had my first date in that park, I was 15 or 16 and the guy came and fetched me with candles and a picnic blankets and delicious food and we went to the park and lit the candles and got "skelled" out by a policeman because he thought that the candles were a fire. Classic.

    Anyway, the gist of it is that I love parks and I love spending time in them and I LOVE and support local music, and I would be thrilled if I could win tickets to the gig.

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