Vote for PHFAT on an American MTV Poll This Week!

PHFat MTV Iggy PollPHFat has been included in an MTV USA poll. MTV Iggy is an MTV website that gathers up n coming artists from around the world and plays them off against one another each week in the Artist of the Week poll.

They say of PHFAT, “Differentiating them from the artsy car crash that is Die Antwoord and the beer-guzzling image of Parow, PHFat…are more interested in making frat rap in the style of post-dubstep era Deltron 3030.” –

Since releasing their Happiness Machines album PHFat had 3000 downloads of the album within the first 24 hours and 7130 in the first month.

PHFat are currently in 3rd place. Let’s VOTE for our Cape Town boys and help bring them to the top where they (all South African artists 😉 ) deserve to be!

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