[REVIEW] Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cape Town, 15.10.13

The Fugard TheatreI can’t tell you how sick I am of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Although I wasn’t allowed to watch past “The Time Warp” as a kid, it seems every other occasion made up for it over the years. It’s number 2 on my Never-Want-To-Hear-Again list (behind the Grease Medley).

So when news that the Rocky Horror Show was to be performed at the Fugard Theatre I had zero desire to attend. Quite frankly (‘xcuse the pun!), I don’t know why everyone else isn’t sick of it too! Yet, I was invited to attend and felt too bad saying no! (I do generally enjoy theatre.)

I hadn’t been to the Fugard Theatre before so I accepted the invitation. I’ve visited the Artscape and Baxter theatre DOZENS of times yet when I  arrived at the Fugard Theatre I suddenly felt transported back to London. It was wonderful to feel like I was somewhere new. The Fugard has all the mystery of theatre magic yet also felt modern. The Fugard Theatre is a renovated church, therefore, the brick walls have been preserved and are visible from within. The wooden bars, floor and counters had a really warming, inviting touch.

Rocky Horror Participation BoxMy “date”, Mrs Kitten D, and I received our participation packs from reception and I thought, “This is new! I wonder what this is for?” We opened the boxes and found props and instructions inside. Theatre has now become a 2-way art form where the audience can participate in not only chirping but in adding to the performance! We found our seats in the front row, which aren’t usually meant to be the best seats, but I sat in the front row for the Book of Mormon in London and knew it would allow me to see extra show details up close so I was happy.

From the very start of The Rocky Horror Show I was thrilled. The audience was invited to throw confetti onto Brad and Janet’s wedding scene, hold newspapers over our heads in the storm scene (me being as goofy as I am, COULDN’T resist wearing it for longer) and tooters. The narrator pops out of the set’s tower with speech bubble instructions so you can simply follow along as and when. There were a few more but I won’t spoil it all 😉

Rocky Horror Picture Show StageLighting and screens have been included into the set that made the musical new, fresh and exciting. For those of us who spend our days with our faces plastered to various screens, I LOVE the technological touch. It modernises theatre and increases the pace.

With Cape Town being the gay capital of Africa I was excited to see Frank n Furter. The lead actor last night did an amazing job and I couldn’t figure out if he was gay or not! Not that that matters in real life but I’m convinced straight men wouldn’t wear 3 inch heels, a corset and knickers quite as well as one that may practise on weekends 😉 Played by Brendan Van Rhyn, he does a SUPERB job. Much respect to him for climbing up the ladder in those heels! And after going a little Google research I’ve learnt his alter ego is Cathy Pacific who, if I remember correctly, is the gorgeous drag queen at Madame Zingara!

Fugard Theatre WineOf course the rest of the cast does an amazing job too. I studied acting so I’m always watching to see who will drop out of character (or not) and none of them did. I guess that’s why they made it and I didn’t 😉 I enjoyed the back up singers and dancers too. I didn’t feel there was an ego about their roles and felt they were genuinely happy to be there.

I also loved, and hated, Rocky Horror – Dr Frank n Furter’s creation. He was so ghastly with his cheesy smile, ash white hair and his golden body (and knickers). But that’s why I loved his performance; I loved him because I hated him! My other two favourite roles were the narrator. I loved how they’ve combed his hair against the grain. Super old school and perfect. And then the man dressed as a woman at Brad and Janet’s wedding. I think it was the same man who played Eddie? He was hilarious. Make sure you keep an eye on him aka “her” in the wedding scene.

Inside the Fugard TheatreThe Fugard Theatre is my new absolute favourite theatre in Cape Town. I can’t wait to attend another show there and enjoy the professional staff and talented performers. The Rocky Horror Show has now been extended until January 2014 so make sure you get your tickets! They vary from R90 – R230 which is an ABSOLUTE STEAL! I’d be happy to pay R300 for a front row tickets again. The Cape Town Production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a must, must, must see!

Tickets from the Fugard on 021 461 4554 or through Computicket from R90 – R230.

  • NO Mondays
  • Tuesdays – Fridays 8pm
  • Saturdays 4pm & 8pm
  • Sunday 5:30pm

Rocky Horror Picture Show Cape Town


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