Dub Phizix (UK) is On the Way to Cape Town!

FlierI saw the cool pine-apple head graphic on Facebook yesterday but didn’t know what it was for. Boy was I sleeping on that one! If I hadn’t walked past Fiction today & noticed the poster on the balcony, I’d never have known! Dub Phizix is coming to Cape Town!

Thanks to It Came From The Jungle one of UK’s finest drum n bass DJ’s and producers will be visiting us on Feb 21st and playing alongside Niskerone and Fletcher at the usual Thursday night party at Fiction.

EVERYONE knows Dub Phizix’s song, Marka, that hit South African shores in 2012. It wasn’t an obvious, commercial drum n bass track but boy was it stand out. From the get go it was so unique and brought something new to the drum n bass table. I heard it first at Homegrown then at various out-door festivals and it absolutely KILLS. It has an epic video and Capetonians have been trying to figure out the lyrics ever since its first spin.

LogoLet’s hope Dub Phizix plays a decent set. By the sounds of his latest single I’m a Creator, released 29th Jan 13 (again, epic video), we’ve got a lot to look forward to in his set. Every bass international in 2012 played SUPER commercial that I was disappointed during a lot of their sets. We have our own epic DJs to expose us, we wanna be pushed, so I hope he brings it.


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