Allee Bleue New Range Launch, Nov 2013

Allee Bleue One and OnlyHappy spring time! I’ve been meaning to tell you about Allee Bleue, a beautiful new wine range that I had the privilege of enjoying two weeks ago. Last Monday, at the end of the hot spring day, I ventured off to Nobu at the One and Only to sample their new range.

I hadn’t actually heard of Allee Bleue before but Haute Cabriere officially has new competition in my wine heart! We started the evening with the tender Cap Classique: Brut Rose. I thought the Pierre Jordaan (Haute Cabriere) Belle Rose was my new favourite but Allee Bleue Brut Rose has won the spot. Perfectly light and delicate, I’m not into sparkling wine that is too sweet or too dry, the Allee Bleue is the perfect balance.

Allee Bleue IsabeauI then tried the Isabeau, a smooth, light wine. The Cabriere Tranquille is my favourite white wine but the Isabelle is now a close second. I’m not much of a red wine drinker but when in Rome. So I tried the shiraz which was as smooth, warm and caramel-ly that a gorgeous shiraz should be. Really delicious.

The occasion was made more special by the ambiance of the One and Only. The One and Only is a beautiful venue but I must make mention of their staff. I found them to be incredibly polite and welcoming. As a young woman it’s obvious that I won’t be buying the penthouse (anytime soon anyway 😉 ) yet the staff ensured that I was taken care of throughout my visit at the hotel. I must commend them for this.

ANobu Cuisinepart from the fantastic service was the Nobu kitchen. Oh my. How can I articulate just how beautiful the food was? *Grabs food writer’s thesaurus* It’s easy to enjoy good food but to enjoy good food that doesn’t over power the purpose of having it (the wine) is a real accomplishment. Nobu served us mini pork squares (braised I presume as they were melt in the mouth) and marinated beef carpaccio with sesame seeds that were both divine and perfectly complimented the wines.  There was also sushi on offer but I don’t eat seafood.

I’m really looking forward to actually visiting Allee Bleue because, apparently, they have a huge herb garden! If you’ve kept an eye on BCTC you’ll know I’m a wanna be chef. Am I a talented cook? No, not really LOL! But I do enjoy trying out recipes I see on TV because it always looks so tasty, therefore, I’m really keen to visit Allee Bleue and see their beautiful produce.

Allee Bleue LogoAllee Bleue spoilt us by sending us off with a bottle of the Belle Rose, a jar of olives and beautiful olive oil. I’m really looking forward to visiting them in the near future. If you see Allee Bleue, definitely give it a try. I know Wafu in Green Point has some of their collection.


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