IPAF’S Open Call for Urban Artists: Cape Town

Baz-Art NPO is inviting four Cape Town-based public, or urban artists, to participate in The International Public Art Festival (IPAF), from the 10th to 19th February 2018 in the community of Salt River.

The four chosen artists would have a unique opportunity to be a part of an international team of professional artists positively impacting small communities – one mural at a time – while expressing their love for public art. The artists will be showcasing their work, while helping Baz-Art harness the power of art for the benefit of the community.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Nature doesn’t need us; We need nature”

With the current water crisis on our own doorstep in Cape Town and the far-reaching impact and effects of global warming, caused primarily by over consumerisation, we believe that this theme will be a catalyst to evoke passion and emotion from our artists.

Requirements for submissions:

  1. Must be able to paint large murals
  2. Understand the theme and the community they will be painting for
  3. Be a Cape Town resident (to have been residing in/around Cape Town for at least 5 years)
  4. Those selected would have to submit a sketch by latest the 15th January 2018

Please return all submissions to Melissa Cucci email Melissa@baz-art.co.za

  • With a brief BIO and your contact information
  • Images of any murals you have previously painted

For more information please call Melissa Cucci on +27 (0)79 031 8943 or Email: Melissa@baz-art.co.za

About Baz-Art

Exciting graffiti, street art and contemporary urban art festivals are blossoming all around the world – from India to Tahiti, and from Paris to Sao Paulo. The founders of Baz-Art recognised that despite the incredible talent pool, Africa did not have a flagship international event that gave artists the opportunity to expresses and showcases their skills. Baz Art decided to seize the chance by collaborating with the IPAF community and initiating the first IPAF in Salt River, Cape Town during February 2017. Baz-Art is also in collaboration with the Mexico and Vancouver Public Art Fairs which focuses on exchanging artistic ideas and projects.


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