HQ Exchange Round 2!

HQ 4th April 2014 Profile PictureHQ Exchange is coming up this Friday and the last one was SUCH a blast that you really should check it out. But only if you:

  • You like having a laugh
  • Drinking with your friends
  • Affordable but quality alcohol (no 2Litre mix bottles around here)

Two weeks ago I was invited to HQ for their HQ Exchange night. I was intrigued but honestly didn’t think anything to do with a stock market (yawn) could be fun. Well I was totally wrong because the Exchange was a hoot!
This is how it works and why it rocks:

HQ Stock ExchangeThe exchange works on an algorithm at the bar. A select number of brands will be on the “stock market” (shown on the HQ TV screens) throughout the night. Selected alcohol brands will go onto the market and rise and fall until a “stock market crash” occurs and the prices plummet! The algorithm monitors what’s available in the bar, how many sell, how many are left and thus offer the brands on sale for different prices throughout the night.

glass of champane on money with redbull can and glass on counterOn the night I was drinking Pierre Jourdaan Brut which costs about R60 per glass at HQ. Every time the market crashed I would get a glass for just R22! So it’s vital to keep an eye on the screens for the liquor you like to crash. If it rises again then the price goes up and you’ll have to pay for it at a normal, or less reduced, price! (We were given HQ money but real money will be used on the night.)

I honestly had such a blast. I mainly drank bubbly and tequila but tasted a few other treats here and there as the “market” crashed.

This Friday night is round 2 of the HQ Exchange! Make sure you get to HQ straight after work from 5pm. Or drop your car at home and Uber it back so that you can enjoy this super fun event!

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