Haute Cabriere 2013: Summer Wines…Delicious!


Haute Cabriere‘s 2013 bouquet of summer wines has arrived. The trio includes Tranquille, Belle Rose and the Brut.

It’s no secret that Haute Cabriere’s Tranquille is one of my favourite wines. I love the light, white wine taste even though it has a slight pink hue. I drink it with any meal, it genuinely seems to go with most things. So I can definitely vouch for the Tranquile.

If you’re after the crisp, dry taste of a bubbly then the Brut is for you. I have a slightly sweeter palate but the Brut is for the experienced palate, the real deal.

And lastly, the Belle Rose! My old boss, Peter Swift, used to order this by the case. His house was never without out and I know why. This is my new favourite. The Brut is very dry and the Belle Rose is still a touch dry but more mild. It has the beautiful wine taste of Tranquille but, of course, with bubbles.

Most people don’t know there are two kinds of champagne. One is when the bubbles are put in (like Soda Stream) the other is in a fermenting process where the bottles are gratually turned and the bubbles are formed. Pierre Jourdan is a beautiful South African representative of sparking wine (we’re not allowed to call it champagne as we’re not in France but really, that’s what it is).

I intend to buy a new car in the next month. For my first day trip my girlfriends and I have decided to hit the winelands. Starting destination? Haute Cabriere in Franschoek. They’re never been to the wine tasting there before! It’s an absolute summer MUST DO!

So cheers to Haute Cabriere’s Pierre Jourdan summer wines!

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