#NewMusicMonday – Digby and the Lullaby (Album Launch 20.11.13)

Digby and the Lullaby Somewhere Wind Album CoverDamn u Digby and the Lullaby! I never listen to new music unless I hear it live first. I attend LOADS of gigs so I’m always experiencing new art and new music but I don’t really listen when I’m sat behind a computer. No matter HOW many new music Mondays go by!

Well, I was sent an invitation to the Digby and the Lullaby’s album launch and I thought, “Yeah, yeah more new music, whatever. There’s so much out there I can’t keep up.” Then I thought, “Ag, don’t be that guy, you guy! Just give it a chance since you ¬†have five minutes.” And of course the song was totally amazing and beautiful and I sorta can’t stop listening to it now.

Digby and the Lullaby are an indie/folk, boy-girl duo from Cape Town consisting of Rouchelle Hubsch (piano and voice) and Darren Digby Preens (guitar and voice). Although they’ve already been touring and recorded their debut album in New York, the official release for The Somewhere Wind is on November 20th 2013 at Studio 7, the lounge venue in Sea Point. It costs R150 pp and includes the new album. Considering the duo loves intimate gigs, Studio 7 is the perfect place for them.

As it’s New Music Monday today, I’m going to make more of an effort to listen to new tunes outside of venues and on New Music Monday. Here’s Digby and the Lullaby’s song, Love. Enjoy it and please let me know what you think of it in the comment section. I’m thinking romantic dinner for two action?

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