Live Performers Meeting VJ Show, Cape Town, 13 – 16 November 2013

LPM CPT BannerThe Live Performers Meeting is here and it’s all about videos. I learnt the term “VJ” when I became obsessed with MTV back in 1996. I wanted to BE an MTV VJ, it was my life’s goal but sadly that never happened. Boo! Anyway. MTV presenters are known as VJs as they “play” videos, however, the art form has continued to grow over the years to resemble something more like actual music DJing. Now days, VJs actually play, cut and mix videos live. It’s become a new visual art form made popular around the world, including South Africa.

This Wednesday November 13th sees the Live Performers Meeting’s 14th edition take place in Cape Town’s City Hall. More than 120 artists from around the world will be participating in performances, workshops and showcases from Wednesday to Sunday. There will be a prerecorded competition, Live VJ Battle and best live visual mapping show (what they use at Pressure dnb parties).

LPM VJsWell known international VJ artists such as Oof (France) and FAX (Italy) will be participating in the event. Entrance is FREE, however, should you wish to participate in the lectures, they start from R750. This is a satellite event so there will be others paying EU100 for these lectures from around the world.

LPM MappingThere will also be a series of official after parties. LPM will be featured at SYNW at the Assembly on Wednesday (DJ Invisible, Sassquatch), It Came From The Jungle at Fiction on Thursday (Niskerone, White Nite & Kamashe), Red Bull Studios present LPM by Night at City Hall on Friday and Saturday (Killer Robot, Battle Beyond the Stars, Rebel Clef, Blotchy, +++).

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