[WIN] Tickets to the Cape Town Festival of Beer 2013

FOB LogoThe Cape Town Festival of Beer 2013 returns to the Mother City this November. From the 22nd to the 24th of November, Hamilton’s Rugby Club will showcase more than 200 beers, both local and international.

The #CTFOB 2012 was way more of a party than I had anticipated. There were many passionate brewers happy to teach me a thing or two about their special brew. The festival also includes wine on sale for those of you not TOO crazy about beer, there are options. The CTFOB offers brewing demonstrations, best beer awards, kiddies play area (children are welcome), food and beer pairings and guided beer tours.

Cpae Town Festival of Beer Pong

The local beers of the festival will include Lakeside Beerworks from Kommetjie, Triggerfish from Somerset West, Devil’s Peak Brewery from Cape Town and Robson’s Beer from Kwa-Zulu Natal, to name a few.

This year there’s a new edition to the event – giant beer pong! All are welcome. To enter the giant beer pong challenge, create a team and head to the Cape Town Festival of Beer 2013 FB Event to register.

Pre-sale tickets are available for R120 and include a beer glass and entry. Student tickets available for R100 on presentation of a valid student card. Tables available for 10 for R500.

Alternatively, tell me WHY I SHOULD LOVE BEER in the comments section below and you could win a set of double tickets for the Friday night session (Friday 22nd Nov 13).

Please see T’s & C’s under the WIN Tab above.



  • Ricky Moss says:

    Beer does not have a lot of vitamins, that is why you should drink a lot of it! And it is just so damn good! Once it hits the lips!

  • YOU SHOULD LOVE BEER Because not only is it the most refreshing drink to have in Summer, but its Finally becoming a huge trend with all the different Local & International Craft Beer brews that are popping up everywhere! Beer is becoming an "Art form", with all the Amazing varieties & flavours you get nowadays, NO-ONE can say "I don't like Beer" anymore 🙂 #LoveMyBeer

  • Ricky Moss says:

    Beer does not have a lot of vitamins! That is why you should drink a lot of it!

  • Jay Prabhu says:

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  • Tanya Jones says:

    you should drink beer because a) there is nothing better than a cold draft on a hot summers day, b) it's the food of alcohol….don't have time to eat because you are rushed? no problem!! , c) why else would you go to Hooters on a Thursday-> big daddy night, d) if you are a broke student it saves you money-> great taste and great price!!! e) ever go to a club/bar and they didn't have the drink you lie??? that will NEVER happen with beer!!!!!!!!!

  • Melvina Beyers O'Connor says:

    Girls are quite select in what we drink..the gud thing about beer is that there is a very wide selection of beers to choose from..y dnt u make the evening fun and do some beer hopping so u can choose which one suits u best…I can tell u why u can like beer but I cant tell ur taste buds to like it.

  • Don't be fooled by the idea that girls don't like/drink beer. Why then are there so many females at beer events. Guys make it such a big deal. but if anything sways your mind, apparently beer has more nutritious value than water. "Save water drink Beer!" – make a dang T-shirt if you must. Send me to CTFOB and we can chug chug chug together 🙂

  • Iain Lind says:

    Because you cant play beer pong without beer, duh. Haha but just in case you need further motivation –> http://bit.ly/1gJcm9J

  • Karel Marais says:

    Beer contains all the essential vitamins and minerals…you could live on the stuf, and some of us do 🙂

  • You should love beer because, “Give me a woman who truly loves beer, and she will conquer the world.” -Kaiser Wilhelm II. There is plenty to learn about the much loved golden nectar! And you should be totally Cray Cray about GIANT Beer Pong – its loads of fun! I Beer, paired with good food & company is such a rad combination! FACT: A number of studies are showing that moderate consumption of alcohol, including beer, can have similar heart healthy effects 🙂 So I recommend that you Drink Up! and enjoy. 😉 #Beer

  • Pierre Swart says:

    Your Bloggers Name are Boring CPTC but I have no doubt that u are everything but boring,so I don't have to tell u anything why u must drink beer…I know u love beer…..ha ha ha ha

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