Russel Brand South African Tour CANCELLED

20131115-131220.jpgRussel Brand has barely landed in the country and already he can’t get in! Tweeted just 30 minutes ago that the Johannesburg show of Messiah Complex has been cancelled for tonight, Brand Tweets that South African authorities have refused to let him into the country.

ShowTime Management is responsible for Brand touring to South Africa, no Real Concerts as previously thought (why is their site crashed anyway then?!). Either way, we’ll soon know.

A few hours later..

AND he’s in LOL! Oh no…not so soon.


Late last night Brand Tweeted yet another picture saying that he has not been allowed in and hopes to come to South Africa soon. In the context, I thought it was about the attempt earlier on in the day, however, this morning has confirmed that he is, in fact, not in South Africa and will not be performing.

ShowTime Russel Brand Statement South AfricaAccording to reports, he did not have two free pages open in his passport, which is the requirement to enter South Africa, and was therefore denied entry. I’m rather annoyed he keeps saying South Africa won’t let him in. Um no. Your tour manager did a kak job and didn’t check the visa requirements. But he’s the master of creating controversy which he has done once again. Great marketing – respect to him there!

Showtime, the company responsible for hosting Brand, posted this earlier today confirming that the entire tour is now cancelled not just last night. They hope to reschedule for 2014.


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