[CLOSED] Dinner at HQ with Stand Up Comic: Siv Ngesi 11th Dec 2013

Siv Ngesi Profile PicThe first time I saw actor and comedian Siv Ngesi was a the Voorkamer Festival in Darling 4 years ago.  Sadly I hadn’t started my blog then so I can’t share pictures with you but I loved Siv’s comedy. He was so warm to all the “Tannies” in the audience. He united the audience by laughing at everyone’s flaws, stereotypes and blessings. He had such an honest and open face that I never forgot him.

Over recent years his star has risen as has his controversy. Known for his opinions on Twitter, Siv knows how to get a conversation started whether you share his opinion or not. All comedians need great content though so I can only image how the Twitterverse inspires him. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him perform (I saw him again at a small corporate event) so I’m really looking forward to his HQ performance on Wednesday.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest stand up comedy fan in the world. I’m quite critical because comics kinda annoy me. Since Siv is as outspoken as I am (if not more) I thought I’d tackle my questions on comedy to him. Here’s what he had to say:

BCTC: Not everyone enjoys stand up. What do you think the audience needs to remember when watching comedy?

SN: I think they should always remember to laugh from a respectful place , that laughter is defiantly the best medicine and the easiest way to enjoy stand up is to laugh and to get involved.

For those who don’t enjoy stand up ,they must just keep sitting down.

BCTC: I hate it when comics laugh too much at their own jokes before telling the audience the joke. Do you have any comedian pet peeves?

SN: I hate comedians who steal other people’s material and comedians who think they are above everyone else… We call them Comedy hipsters, everyone has an audience , some may have millions and others just their family and friends, both are still audiences.ladies tell me size doesn’t matter lol

BCTC: When you write something SUPER funny at home. What’s the art of delivering it on stage, like the first time, so the audience can enjoy that comedy “click” too?

SN: I always make sure I deliver it like only Siv can , to remember to be as truthful as possible , the easiest way to get a laugh out of an audience is being truthful! The truth will set you up with a laugh .

BCTC: Do you feel comedians have a social responsibility to talk about politics? What do you think of comics who don’t go there?

SN: I feel comedians have a responsibility to do what the hell they want .. There is no protocol , we are not doctors ,we are entertainers who try make people laugh and or think!

BCTC: In every day life, how do you manage Siv the brand verses Siv a regular South African guy?

SN: Both are the same , I am an everyday ambiguous South African with a dream and the Siv brand is an ambitious South African brand. I meet many talented SA comedians/entertainers who don’t have a brand and without a brand you will never reach your full potential.

Siv PicJoin HQ on at 7pm Wednesday night for dinner: simple, fresh salad, sirloin steak cooked to perfection with thinly cut chips, a Patron tasting and comedy at 8:30pm for R200.  Sounds like date night to me! The host for the evening is none other than funny man Paul Snodgrass who also couldn’t be lovelier. Siv will be headling and Mum-z will be supporting. I can’t wait to go back to HQ! Join me there by booking now (call 021 424 6373) or:

Join the HQ #ComedyNight Facebook Event for further details. Or keep in touch with Siv on Twitter and join his conversations 🙂

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  • I actually have been in the front row when Snoddie was performing. He is hilarious! He likes to make fun of the people in the audience and I have to tell you Boring Chick that I had to go to the toilet 3 times because I almost peed myself laughing lol He is awesome 😀 Love HQ 😀

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