CTEMF 2014 Full Line Up and Times

CTEMF 2014 LogoI’m really impressed with CTEMF 2014 so far. As much as I love to support local festivals, there’s always internal politics and who plays, when, why, etc. This year the CTEMF has a line up that is almost as international as it is local which means less space for our artists. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because when you go out as much as I do, it’s ok not to see the same DJs all the time. In fact, it makes getting onto the line up more of a privilege, pushes our artists to show that they’re as good, if not better, than the internationals and adds another festival dynamic to our already wide range of music festivals. The CTEMF also does not have a second stage. I also quite like this because every time I try to follow a time table then I always end up running into people, getting too lazy to walk inbetween stages, etc. I’m not hating on one festival and loving another, I’m simply saying I appreciate this different product. SO! With that in mind, here is the CTEMF 2014 full line up:

CTEMF Friday Line UP

CTEMF 2014 Saturday Line UP

CTEMF 2014 Sunday Line UP

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