It’s Not a Road Trip Without Music – Langdam Day 2

Leading on from It’s Not a Road Trip Without Jelly Snakes – Part 1 Now part 2:

Soon it was dark over Langdam Farm. The fire was lit and it made all the difference to our temperature. The breeze had stopped blowing but the snowy peaks still kept the temperature pretty cool. I climbed into my sleeping bag and walked around like an upright worm all night.

Langdam Farm Camp FireLangdam FarmLangdarm Farm with Sedgwicks

Eskom then decided to throw us into darkness with load shedding on Saturday night. I never knew farms 3 hours from Cape Town could be affected, but I was happy to sit in the darkness and enjoy the night sky, music and fire, reminded me of growing up in Namibia where were often partied outside at night! Matt made a fire around the back to cook our food while the rest of us sat around the fire, chatted and ate jelly snakes, my favourite sweets. 🙂

Langdarm Farm with SedgwicksLangdarm Farm with Sedgwicks

Matt prepared a Old Brown pepper sauce steak and mixed roasted veg dinner, which struggled to stay warm due to the snowy peaks! It’s amazing what a difference the outside temperature can do to food and drink. It still tasted great, that was just a random observation of mine. Sedgwicks was literally the perfect drink to keep our body temperature up and to go with the meal too.

Langdarm Farm with SedgwicksLangdarm Farm with SedgwicksLangdarm Farm with SedgwicksLangfarm with Sedgwicks

Eventually the lights came back on but we sorta ignored them and kept the fun campfire feeling going.  After dinner Basson, blues n rock guitarist, pulled out his baby and began to play us some blues.

Basson at Langdarm Farm with SedgwicksBasson at Langdarm Farm with SedgwicksBasson at Langdarm Farm with SedgwicksLangdam Farm

As the night crept on, people went off to be creative and capture beautiful images with their various equipment, ideas and expertise. The sky was incredibly beautiful, although I didn’t see any shooting stars – which is pretty unusual for me! I usually always do.

Langdam FarmLangdam FarmLangdam FarmNight Sky of Langdam

Mr Love was able to change the settings on my camera and get these beautiful night time shots. I have no idea what they light blur is – perhaps he saw a shooting star…or maybe it’s space ship! Weird that it’s reflected in the water too…

Langdam FarmLangdam FarmLangdam FarmLangdam Farm

I didn’t have too much of a late one and retired around midnight. It was very chilly and I was really enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes leaving the city means leaving the party behind which is a great thing from time to time.

It’s Not a Road Trip Without Breakfast – Coming Soon! Thanks for reading 🙂 *Penguins*

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